Understanding the value of sunscreen can encourage adults and children to use it more frequently. So, what’s the big deal about sunscreen? Complete Care highlights the advantages of applying sunscreen and why it should be part of your everyday routine, not just at the pool.


  1. Protects from Sun Damage

One of the most obvious and well-known advantages of sunscreen is that it protects your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Sunscreen truly helps to prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin and causing a range of skin problems. Even the tiniest sunburns can be harmful; therefore, it’s crucial to keep your skin protected.

  1. Clear Skin Complexation

Applying sunscreen to your face might help you maintain a more even complexion. Uneven skin tones can be caused by a variety of factors, including UV damage, which can be mitigated by using daily sun cream.

  1. Prevent Signs of Aging

Sun damage, which produces sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles, is one of the most prevalent causes of premature aging. Excessive sun exposure over the years is usually the cause of discolored and leathery-looking skin. Wear SPF every day to avoid these indications of aging and to seem more youthful.

  1. Treat Discoloration

Uneven skin tone, such as brown patches and other discoloration, can result from excessive sun exposure and UV damage. You may avoid them by ensuring that your skin is protected from damaging UV radiation.

  1. Skin Cancer

UV light destroys DNA in skin cells, which can accumulate over time and raise the chance of skin cancer-causing genetic abnormalities. The more you get burned, the more damage you cause and the greater your chance of skin cancer. One of five fundamental strategies to reduce the risk of skin cancer is to apply sunscreen.

How can you choose the best sunscreen for you when there are so many options? Many people assume that the higher the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), the better, but which sort of SPF provides the best protection? While many sunscreens offer higher SPF protection, there isn’t much further protection until the SPF reaches 15. We usually recommend at least an SPF 30 to be safe.

What matters most is that your sunscreen is 1. at least 30 SPF, 2. water-resistant, and 3. works over a broad UVA/UVB spectrum, whether you buy it from a doctor’s office or a pharmacy store. Never forget to apply sunscreen!

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