I’m Anoushka Hendrikse, I’m a 51-year-old mother of 3 and grandmother of 3, I love fashion and saw many styles through the years. So I decided to start writing about fashion and beauty.

The blog includes trends, style tips, beauty, health, and finance. It’s my belief that fashion and style are for everyone, regardless of their body type. If you’re looking for some of the finest advice on what to wear and how to style your closet and makeup. I will focus on trends and seasons, and get a peek at what women love to wear. And if you see something you absolutely must have on my blog, I will help you out by posting links to where you can shop for the look.

Anoushkaproductreview.com is the review blog for beauty, fashion, money, and travel. For women and men who want to wear the latest fashions, while still looking age-appropriate I do honest and supportive reviews for the fashions and suggest them the best. Similarly, I recommend makeup, hairstyle, and much more to our readers. I’m focused on the clothing and fashion sense to make our visitors happy and confident. I will give open reviews and share the pros and cons of products I review I believe in High-quality styling for our visitors. Improve your personality with quality styling by following our honest reviews.

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