Road trips are quite popular in Australia, and adventure travellers can book arrange them to get a new experience. You can view the high mountains, rainforests and beaches while travelling on the road. Here are the top 3 incredible Australian road trips that one can go with friends.

Top 3 Road Trips In Australian

  1. Grand Pacific Trip

Coastal drives are quite enjoyable with the scenic views. It is almost covering 87 miles of the ride, starting from Royal National Park following to Shoalhaven Region in Sydney. The top cliffs and mountains are best to watch the top scenic views. You can explore the trip in less than a week as it will be a short trip.

  1. Australia’s Red Centre Way

Here you can experience the thrill of a long drive to the large desert. Dynamic culture, landscapes, and bright sunrise views can be enjoyed on this trip. The journey will end at Alice Springs. It is the best trip that can be enjoyed with friends or family. 7 to 10 days are enough to enjoy the whole trip.

  1. Iconic Nullarbor Plain

The coastal beaches and long-running rivers are also enjoyed on adventure trips. The recommended trip time is around 1 or 2 weeks. The Eyre Peninsula is the perfect place to enjoy the great views and watch the whales diving in the deep seas. The deep blue colour is fantastic and eye-catching that attracts thousands of travellers every year.

Make The Most Of It

In this way, you can enjoy optimal and adventurous road trips. It will be perfect for carrying some essential goodies like safety gear, extra water bottles, some food, and a first aid box to be used in an emergency. Road trips are enjoyed with thrill, and you can capture memories in your camera.

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