Simply said, double cleansing is a two-step procedure. The first step is to remove everything that has accumulated on your face over the day — makeup, pollutants, grime, debris, and even sunscreen. Use a makeup remover such as Micellar Water or Cleansing Balm. The second stage then allows your cleanser to do its work, fully cleaning your pores and removing any residue that the initial cleanse may have missed. What’s the ultimate result? Skin that is spotless and ready to absorb your next skincare product. A fantastic cleaning regimen means you’re set up for success, increasing the treatments you use afterward.

Daily cleaning protects blocked pores by removing makeup, but it also has an unnoticed benefit: it removes environmental contaminants from your skin. Impurities can adhere to our skin owing to its natural oils, so if you aren’t thorough with your washing approach, you may not be eliminating all that has gathered during the day. As a result, serums, eye care products, and moisturizers do not perform to their full capacity, leaving your skin appearing drab and grey.

Double Cleansing: Step-by-step Guide

  • Step One: Use oil to particularly remove makeup, skincare products, and oil-based pollutants such as sebum.Step two is using gel-based or water-based cleansers to remove additional skin irritants such as perspiration, filth, dirt, and skincare residue.

  • The argument for a double cleanse is obviously: if you wear makeup, you should remove it before using a cleanser. Even if you don’t use makeup but do wear sunscreen or live in a city, you should remove those oils and toxins from your system. This will give the cleaner a higher chance of succeeding. At the end of the day, everyone may profit from double cleaning. Getting rid of all those impurities will aid in the prevention of breakouts and aging indications. Furthermore, because your skin is now a clean, blank canvas, all of the other products will perform better! Cheers!

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