The trend of online shopping has increased significantly in recent years. Now more and more people prefer shopping via online stores instead of wasting their time in heavy traffic and busy roads. 

However, having a reliable and trustworthy platform to obtain branded items is not as easy as it seems. 

Have you heard about Proozy? It is an online store that sells clothes, shoes, socks, and other accessories from leading brands at an affordable price. 

Excited to know more about this platform? Let’s start. 

What is Proozy?

Proozy was established in 2006 and it aimed to offer fine quality branded items to customers at an affordable price. 

The brand is ranked at 16 within MSPBJ’s Fast 50 2019 list and also possesses more than 6.3 followers on Instagram and 14.3k followers on Facebook. The main brands with which Proozy deals include ECCO, Adidas, Nike, Herschel, Newbalance, Spyder, Reebok, and many more. 

Features of Proozy

Some of the lucrative features of Proozy that are responsible for its extravagant fame are discussed below: 

Firstly, it has targeted a wide audience including men, women, and youth. Moreover, it is offering home goods and accessories from leading brands as well. 

It has offered a broad variety of products for its target customers. The product list includes 

  1. Competitive Prices

All products are available at competitive prices because of Proozy’s good relations with brands that allow them to offer inside deals to its customers.

  1. Reliability

It guarantees to provide a reliable and trustworthy platform by delivering the products according to customer’s needs 

  1. 30-Days Guarantee

The platform also offers a 30 days guarantee to its customers. This allows customers to evaluate the quality of the product and check whether its features are coherent with their preferences or not. 

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Pricing of Proozy Products

The most auspicious aspect of Proozy is its pricing strategy. They offer heavy discounts in case of all branded items starting from 30%. They also offer much bigger discounts like around 90% in case of their clearance sale section. 

Their reward program is also very exciting that entices you to gather promos and points. And by subscribing to their newsletter, you will qualify for a $20 gift card. 

Product Shipment Policy

Proozy offers free shipping on orders worth $49.9 or more for US residents. And the shipment time is given only at check out. The platform also offers other options like second-day delivery and Express overnight. However, it will cost you between $9.95 and $12.95.

Moreover, you will be charged additionally, if your package is oversized. Proozy also gives you an option of opting for a pick-up if you dwell in the area of twin cities Metro. 

Product Return Policy

There is a separate return portal where you can return your products. However, your products must be unused and have original tags with them. 

For returning your product, a fee of $7 will be removed from your refund. While requesting a refund, you must keep in mind that it will take around 2 weeks. 

Customer reviews

Proozy has received rave reviews from the majority of its customers due to high product quality, timely delivery, and good customer support. Trustpilot has highlighted a score of 4.4/5 based on 500 reviews. While has revealed a score of 4.61/5 on 665 reviews

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Pros and Cons of Proozy 


Pros Cons
  • It targets a wide audience and offers a large variety of products
  • The sales are offered throughout the year to buy items at discounted prices
  • The low prices are guaranteed on all brands
  • Instalment payment option is also available
  • Excellent customer services
  • Free shipping for orders worth $49.99
  • 30-days warranty on all products
  • Sometimes, the style and size is not according to your expectations
  • A few customers have reported inconsistencies between the actual Merch retailer and Proozy Merch

Final thoughts

It is a very popular clothing store that has been in business for a few years now. The best thing about it is that it has thousands of customers who are satisfied with the products they purchase from there. The website also has a customer support team who is always ready to help and provide solutions to any problem or concern that a customer may have.

Proozy is a legit spending platform. Any of you looking to do branded shopping without burdening your pockets must consider Proozy. 

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Meta Description: Proozy is a legit online store for doing branded shopping at an affordable price.