The Best Yoga Poses to Burn Belly Fats

Yoga is one of the best ways to reduce your belly fat when accompanied by a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. With a good mix of meditation, breathing techniques, and exercises, yoga can help manage an overall healthy weight.

Perform them regularly to get a toned abdominal area, tight abs, and a lighter self. Here are some best yoga poses to burn belly fat:


It is also known as wind relieving yoga pose and it will help tone your abdominal muscles and ease lower back pain. Pavanamukthasana pose will also tone your thighs and hips. Try this pose to improve your metabolism and overall stomach health.

Directions to do this pose

  • Lie straight on your back while keeping your arms on your sides. Fully stretch your legs out.

  • Now bend your knees and move them towards your chest, while exhaling.

  • Use your arms and hands to hold your legs in the same position and apply pressure on your belly.

  • Deeply breathe and stay in the same position for 3 minutes.

  • Release your knees while exhaling and come to your original pose. Perform it 5 times.


It is also known as boat pose and will help strengthen your leg and back muscles. Performing this yoga pose will help reduce fats in your tummy. It is one of the best yoga poses to attack fats around your waist.

Directions to do this pose

  • Simply lie straight on your back while placing your legs together and hands on your sides.

  • Inhale and raise your legs high while keeping them straight.

  • Now touch your toes with your hands by lifting your arms.

  • You will have to raise your legs to a 45 degrees angle.

  • Stay in this position for a few seconds while breathing normally.

  • Come back to your original position and repeat this pose 5 times.


Chakrasana is also known as yoga wheel pose and it is a great asana for losing fats around your waist. This yoga pose can help stretch your belly muscles and unlock your heart chakra.

Directions to do this pose

  • Lie straight on your back and curve your knees while keeping your feet closer to your buttock.

  • Keep your hands on the ground and then raise your shoulders, head, and hips from the ground. Drop your head back and put the crown on the ground.

  • Try raising your leg for 20 seconds in the air and repeat the same for other leg.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

It is also called the downward-facing dog pose. It will help improve your metabolic rate and engage your abdomen muscles the whole time. Here is how to do this pose.

Directions to do this pose

  • Come to your hands and knees and form a table. Lift your hips while exhaling.

  • Straighten your arms and legs to create an inverted ‘V’ shape. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart.

  • Now face inwards and look at your naval.

  • Keep this position for a minute and come to your real position while taking long breaths.

  • Repeat the same asana five times.

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