Trends Introduced by TikTok Stars That are Must Have

TikTok’s popularity among Millennials and Gen Z has exploded this year, and it has swiftly become a wellspring of new Fashion and beauty trends. Many people flocked to the social media app this year as a source of amusement during the coronavirus epidemic, and fashion and beauty firms have followed suit in order to stay up with the greatest Fashion and beauty trends that are continuously sprouting up on the platform. Here’s what all of your favorite TikTok performers are wearing in order to gain millions of views

TikTok Fashion Trends

  1. Tie-dye

The spidery colors of this Tik Tok trend can be found everywhere, including night suits and lounge dresses, as well as Louis Vuitton’s new campaign with American rapper 21 Savage. This latest transition to pastel-colored tie-dye has us completely fascinated with style. You can’t be a TikTok star without wearing tie-dye; it’s part of the formula to go viral.

  1. Sweatpants

We adore sweatpants even more now that TikTok stars have made them chic. In TikTok style, roll the top of the sweatpants down and match with a crop top.

  1. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets

With this 80s-inspired oversized boyfriend blazer, you may create a long-line silhouette and experiment with forms. This outerwear cinches your waist and lengthens your legs thanks to the shoulder pads. For an ultra-modern appearance, match this outfit with a pair of straight-leg pants or leather shorts.

  1. Black Face Masks

When it comes to self-defense, you may as well do it right. These sleek black face masks go with practically any outfit and provide an excellent covering for your nose and lips. Choose a smooth cloth for easy breathing or something embellished if you’re feeling fancy.

  1. Distressed Jeans

Tik Tok dance challenges aren’t always simple to do, so make sure you do it with jeans and a laid-back California feel. Any Tik Tok content maker should own a pair of high-waisted faded jeans that are breezy and relaxed.

  1. Catsuit

Catsuits are certainly having a moment, as Taylor Swift wore a lace version at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2021. The catsuit, which is more skin-tight than the typical jumpsuit, has appeared in many famous TikTok fashion prediction videos. The adaptability of the catsuit contributes to its appeal, as you can simply match it with anything in your closet, from a basic jacket to a slip dress.

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