Greece is a historical as well as a romantic city to enjoy the trip. Along with this, you can enjoy the beachside views and delicious food. There are many historical destinations that one can enjoy. Here are the best sites to visit in Greece. Let’s enlist the top historical towns in Greece.

Top 3 Historical Towns

  1. Katakolo

It is the nearest coastal port of the Olympics and the games of hippodrome back to 700BC. Here one can visit the oldest temple in Greece. Even here, one can explore the real premises where games were organized and enjoyed. It can be a thriller to see the amazing start of the games and how they evolved over the years.

  1. Sparta

You can enjoy the evolution of Greece by the impact of the rival city Athens. Here you can enjoy the oldest museums and ruins that could of the city. It is a chance to know more about the Spartan warriors that have been picturized a few years ago in the box office and received a very good response from travellers.

  1. Corinth

Here you can explore the old city and many facts about greek mythology. You can explore a number of monuments and famous temples visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. The local museums can explore gain depth and understanding. You can visit the amazing 1st-century indoor roman theatre here. It is just an example of rich history and many beautiful sites to visit.

Knowledgeable Historical Visit

Greece visit can be explorable and enjoyable with your friends or kids. It is quite a knowledgeable trip where one can get to know about the historical place, its freedom struggle and much more. You can add more places to visit the itinerary as per your interest and budget to travel.

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